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Organic Compost

Summer Mix

Summer Mix is a compost made entirely of natural ingredients and salt-free soft white sandy soil. It is ideal for creating a smooth green surface and keeping grass healthy all year. It is also commonly utilized in nurseries for ornamental and fruit plant growth due to its favorable conditions for plant development.

Bio mix

Bio mix is an organic compost made from animal and plants natural ingredients. It contains essential growth stimulants and hormones that are beneficial for plants, resulting in a more attractive garden.


Al-Safwa compost is made from 100% organic vegetable matter from aromatic plants that have undergone a sterilization process at 70 degrees Celsius for a duration of three months, ensuring that it is devoid of weed seeds and harmful microorganisms, making it a secure and excellent choice for use in gardens and other green spaces.


Rich compost is produced from natural animal organic matter, selected and supervised by a quality engineer. The manufacturing process includes a three-month sterilization period at 70 degrees Celsius with constant stirring and hydration. The final product is free of nematodes, weed seeds, and harmful bacteria and contains growth stimulants, natural hormones, amino acids, and essential nutrients required for the growth of fruits, vegetables, and crops.